Raising Eight Baby Chicks

On April 25th we received baby chicks of various breeds from My Pet Chicken. On June 25th they will be two months old and it has been so much fun raising eight baby chicks. We ordered all pullets but it looks like we have a few cockerels in the mix. The picture on the left is what a few of them look like now.

On the left in front is a Salmon Faverolle and its coloring looks more like that of a male but the colors are not well defined (color leakage) so it could just be a really dark female. I have a photo of one of the other Salmon Faverolles later in the post and you will see how much lighter she is in color. In the middle is Oscar who is clearly a cockerel and we are fairly sure that he is a Giant Cochin. However, he could surprise us and turn out to be a Marans instead.

Here is Oscar up close. If he is a Giant cochin the roosters get HUGE. Several years ago we had a blue one that we named Otis and is was like a big fluffy teddy bear. If this little guy is a cochin I can’t figure out what color plumage pattern he is. Up close he looks like a partridge but his head color is all wrong. He looks more like a black copper Marans but the legs and feet have too many feathers. I guess we just have to wait and see.




Here is a photo of one of the Salmon Faverolles pullets named Cecily who is much lighter colored than the dark one in the photo above. We have three chicks from this breed and two of them are pullets for sure. The chickens in this breed have 5 toes and fluffy bearded faces. They are all just now beginning to grow out the facial fluff.





This is my lil gal Lovey. She is the sweetest and most friendly of the group. When she came to us she couldn’t walk as well as the other chicks and so we had to use vet wrap to make her some hobbles. She is walking around the paddock now but not quite as well as the other babies. When you watch her walk it looks as if her legs are longer than they should be and maybe a bit thinner too.

Lovey is also a bit of a loner but when she sees me she always comes over to visit. She will stand there and quietly wait for me to pick her up. Once on my lap she talks to me in her sweet little melodic voice. I have had sweet natured chickens before but never one that was this sweet, timid and who still wants to be picked up and held. Lovey is a Blue Splash Marans and she will lay dark chocolate colored eggs, we hope.






This next beauty is Lily who is a white Giant Cochin that I always see running with the cockerels. Maybe we should have named her MarilynWink.






The last two chicks are both Buff Brahmas which is a very large breed too. Both were supposed to be pullets but I have a sneaky suspicion that we have a male and female. He one that is the pullet for sure is the lighter buff colored one in the back and the suspected male is in the front on the right. He has more orange-buff coloring.

Well these are the babies at 8 weeks and we will just continue to watch them develop. I will post photo’s again when they are 4 months old.

Every Blessing,

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