Remembering Blondie

Blondie Gal

This week one of my hens died of complications from being egg bound. She was an awesome girl and I will always remember Blondie! This funny hen was given to us by some dear friends who could not keep her any longer. Blondie was a Silkie and Buff Orpington mixture. I didn’t name her, the daughter of the family who gave her to us, gave this gal her name. But to me she always looked like a Hot Lips Houlihan! I say that because…



Her comb was huge and screaming RED and big and puffy. She had a combination of a Silkie walnut comb with the points of a single comb. She had white plumage with just a touch of blonde here and there. It was that huge screaming red comb that reminded me of giant red lips, that just seemed to say, “Come on boys, I’m wait’n.” Blondie was a favorite of the roosters too and who could blame them, she was a looker.

Blondie with big red combBlondie would not be pushed around by the established flock. She did what she wanted, when she wanted. If another hen got into her personal space, she would tell them to get lost. She usually foraged by herself and didn’t seem to mind being alone while pecking around our yard.

When I would go into the paddock, she would always run to see me. She was funny and entertaining to watch. If I would sit down on the bench we have there, she would immediately jump up into my lap. She would stay for a visit and some petting and then she would be off to forage again.

I will always remember Blondie and I am so glad to have had her in my life, if only for 1 year. She was a blessing to me and the memories I have of her are Simple Joys.




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