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Shabbat BannerThis little banner is a constant reminder to my family to keep Shabbat!

Exodus 20:18 tells us to remember the Sabbath and to keep it holy. The word Sabbath in our English Bibles is  pronounced ShaBAT in Hebrew.

This banner hangs on a door in our dining room that leads into our pantry. Everyday, someone is going into the pantry to get something and they are reminded of the importance to set aside the Sabbath day for rest and fellowship with the Lord.

This banner was originally intended to be a cover for Challah which is the special egg bread bread eaten during Shabbat.

Braided Challah BreadChallah bread is traditionally braided into a beautiful loaf shape with a seeded topping. It is usually covered with a linen napkin or specially designed cover until it is time to eat. There are so many beautiful challah covers available in Judaic stores and some are rather expensive. I decided to make my own and to make it with a thin layer of quilt batting inside to help keep the bread warm. Well, as it turned out, this “cover” is a bit too stiff and it doesn’t drape nicely over the bread so it has become a banner and I like it better this way.

It is made by piecing together rectangle and square pieces of fabric; as you would do in quilting. I used a green fabric that has many colors of micro dots and a tan with a white micro flower imprint. Both are quilt fabrics that I purchased from Hancock Fabrics. The center panel is plain unbleached muslin. I pieced (sewed) the fabric pieces together using a sewing machine and then drew the design onto the plain center panel with a lead pencil. Next, I painted the leaves and pomegranates with metallic fabric paint and a brush. I used several colors to shade them and hopefully give them a little depth. Then I accented them lightly with just a touch of copper paint. I used the same copper paint to fill in the Hebrew characters for the word Shabbat, in the lower right corner.

Once the paint dried I sewed the plain backing on to the piece-work top, leaving one side open. Then I inserted a thin layer of quilt batting and sewed that fourth side closed. I used the sewing machine to quilt the three layers together using simple straight lines that followed the shape of the various pieces.

Now that this little project is a permanent banner, I sewed two cabone rings to the back one on each upper corner. We use the rings to hang the banner on those removable hinged hooks from the hardware store.

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Have you made your own Challah cover or a Sabbath banner for your home?

Please share with us and I’d love to hear your thoughts about this project.


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