Shalom Jerusalem Banner

Shalom BannerThis pretty banner reminds my family to “Pray for the PEACE of Jerusalem” which Scripture instructs us to do (Psalms 122:6.)

The banner is a rectangle and measures 20 X 15 1/2 inches.

I all of the fabric used in this banner is quilt cotton that I have collected over the years. The background is an aqua micro print with tiny green vines and white flower buds. Using my sewing machine, I basted this fabric to a stiff weight interface backing.

The border is 1 inch around and the fabric is a very pretty multicolored print that includes: blues, aqua, purples with gold metallic accents.I over-lapped the border to the wrong side so the the edges would look finished.

The four modern Hebrew characters at the top spell Shalom (shin, lamed, vav, and mem sofit – reading from right to left.) This word is appliqued using the multicolored fabric and I backed it with iron-on interfacing before sewing it onto the background.

For the city scape below I designed a very stylized version of some typical buildings and palm trees that you would see in the the Old City area of Jerusalem. The city scape is appliqued using the same multicolored fabric and a purple tie fabric for accents. It was strengthened with iron-on interfacing prior to being appliqued in place.

I tried out the embroidery feature of my Baby Lock Ellure Plus sewing machine and made two squares: one that has the scripture verse above embroidered in a purple thread and the second with my name. These were both appliqued into place near the bottom of the banner.

To hang it I sewed five tabs across the top edge. The tabs are 1 1/2 inches high and the wooden dowel rod is 21 inches with a wooden finial on either end making the whole rod 22 inches long. The dowel rod and finials were purchased at Michaels craft store and my husband sanded and painted them metallic gold. To hang the banner I am using a braid of matching purple cotton yarn.

I am happy with the way it turned out and it was fun to use my new sewing machine to do machine embroidery. I still have much to learn about doing this but this project was my small beginning.

To learn more about what Scripture says about praying for the Peace of Jerusalem, follow this link.

Have you made banners or needlework projects that reflect your faith and beliefs? Please share your handiwork with us. What types of wall decor items would you like to have in your home that would reflect your faith?

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