Siddur for Netzarim – Resource

Menorah LightsBoth of us (Avi & Posey) regularly pray some of the traditional Jewish prayers that can be found in a Jewish Siddur. What is a Siddur? Over the years we have reviewed many different Jewish Siddurs but never felt that we could pray the prayers exactly as written. We have looked at a few Messianic versions but just didn’t find what we felt was the “one” until now. This Siddur for Netzarim or redeemed Israel and it is what we use.

While at Sukkot in 2011 we were shown the Netzarene Israel Shabbat Siddur which is a pdf document. Once we arrived back home we brought it up on our computer and began to read through it. What a blessing this is! We saved the file to a USB drive and went to our local office shop and asked them to print out copies and bind them so that we would have a hard copy to use.

Some of our favorite prayers are: the Mi Kamocha, Hudu L’Adonai and the Amidah. These prayers are ancient and come right from the pages of Scripture.

We wanted to pass this resource along to you, so here is the link: Netzarene Israel Shabbat Siddur

The link will take you to their online downloadable Messianic Siddur and they are making it available for FREE! To access the other files to make the Siddur complete follow this link.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do Smile

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