Sixties Singers & Our Pets

SimonAvi and I have three indoor pets, two cats and a dog. The dog came first and we got him as a puppy in November of 1999. He is a black and white Shih Tzu that has the sweetest personality. When we brought him home, of course he needed a name and our teenage children couldn’t agree on anything. The sweet little puppy was just sitting there while his new masters argued about what to call him. They finally gave up and ask for some help. From out of the cob webs of my mind I said, “Why don’t we name him, Simon, like the son on the Seventh Heaven TV show?” Immediately they got excited and both agreed that we should name our new pet Simon. Our son Ben chimed in and said, “Simon just like Paul Simon the singer, cool.” This dog has been a blessing and a very easy pet to raise and care for. He is very sweet natured and obedient. Because I am the mom who became the primary care taker, he became my shadow and he follows me nearly everywhere I go in the house. We have named him Sisi for short and he is the sweetest dog ever. Did you know that this breed of dog is Chinese? Everyone that I know wants to pronounce the name of this breed as SHIT-zoo but that is not correct. In Chinese the letter “T” is pronounced like our “D”. That means that when we all say Tofu it’s really Dofu and our dog, Simon is a SHEE-dzoo. Just wanted you all to know :-).

GarfunkelOur next pet is a male cat that we rescued. Sheena and I discovered him at our local PetSmart store and we fell in love immediately. This cat is awesome! His is so huge and fluffy with beautiful markings and color. He has longish fur and big feet and rather short, fine whiskers. The pet adoption people named him Feeny but that didn’t suit us so we had to think of something else to call him. On the way home from the store with the cat, Sheena said, “Mom, we have to call him Garfunkel. Then we can have a Simon and Garfunkel!” I loved it and so we continued the sixties singer naming trend. Garfunkel is incredibly friendly. He runs to the door to meet us and loves to sit on the lap of anyone who happens to be sitting down. He loves to be petted and loved on and he gives lots of kitty kisses too. Although he is a domestic mixed breed cat he has the dominant features of a Norwegian Forest Cat. Garfy as we call him for short, is just a big kitty love.

Nearly eight years ago,  I started to volunteer for a cat rescue organization that kept their cats for adoption at PetSmart too. So our last pet was another rescue cat. She is a gorgeous Ragdoll who had belonged to an elderly couple and they must have treated her like a Princess. Unfortunately they both Garly Girlfell ill and past away leaving everything they owned, all of their money and their beloved kitty to their grandson. He was more than happy to take all of their things but not their cat! He miss treated her, badly and eventually threw her out of the house. When a neighbor discovered that there was a new white cat roaming the neighborhood, she immediately thought of the elderly couple. After sighting the cat several times she went to the house and inquired of the grandson who denied that there was a problem. Over the next several days, the neighbor continued to spot the white cat and she felt certain that it was Poopsy the sweet cat who had belonged to her elderly neighbors. She confronted the grandson who finally admitted that the cat was gone. He said the cat was horrible and a nuisance and he was glad to be rid of her. The women called our Rescue agency and asked for our help. A have a heart trap was placed in the neighborhood and the next morning it did indeed hold, Poopsy. Our rescue took her in and got her healthy again and checked out by a vet. When she was ready for adoption she was taken to PetSmart. The following day I went there to do the cleaning and feeding of the cats and my son came with me. When I showed him Poopsy, who had been renamed Paige, he knew I already loved her. Before I knew it, he had purchased and adopted that cat to give me for my Birthday which happened to be the same day. We came home with this sweet gal and promptly renamed her Carly. She is mostly white with buff colored seal points. She has the biggest, longest whiskers I have ever seen on a domestic cat and I think she is very beautiful. She has become My Girl, for sure.

So there you have it…the story of why our indoor pets are named, Carly Simon and Garfunkel!

Do you have pets that you love too? What did you name them? Have you had experiences with rescued cats or dogs, please share with us.

Every Blessing,

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  1. Love Carly, Garfunkel, and Simon sooooooo much! <3


  2. Well we don’t have any house pets, but we have chickens, ducks, a turkey, goats, and cows. I love the animals so much.


    P. S.
    How are all of your pets doing?

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