Sukkot Celebration Ideas

Sukkot Celebration Ideas


Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles is the last of the Feast celebrations for the Biblical year. It usually occurs sometime during the month of October, depending on the beginning of each new Biblical year. Scripture tells us to build sukkahs and to live in them for eight days. Having just finished celebrating this Feast, many ideas are fresh in my mind. I want to share some Sukkot celebration ideas that you might want to include in your observances next year.


Camping Out

We usually go camping with other believers, or at least camp out in our back yards, as a way to observe and celebrate this joyous Feasts. Sukkah’s are temporary dwelling places, so tents, canopies, porches, gazebos, arbors, pergolas and covered lanais can all be used as a sukkah. At some of our Sukkot celebrations we have slept in tents or campers and set up a 3 or 4 sided Sukkah that we have decorated with lights, hanging faux fruit, flags, lulavs, etrogs, willow branches, myrtle and palm branches. Children’s craft projects can be geared toward making objects that can be hung from the top or sides of the sukkah.

Sukkot Campfires

Campfires are always a fun time of talking and fellowship. Eating so-mores, baked apples, dutch oven cobbler or campfire pies is much anticipated. Making homemade ice cream in a hand-cranked freezer or in the toss around ball is fun too. Our dear Mr. Frank is the fire King and he even built us a mini fire under a tarp so we could enjoy the fire together in the pouring down rain.

Sukkot Celebration Idea Video

Here is a video I put together with glimpses of our past Sukkot observances and it includes some Sukkot  celebration ideas. Some of them we gathered together with many others at organized events. Other times we remained at home but gathered with family or a few close friends and camped out in our backyard.


Daytime Activities

The day time activities have included a wide variety of things, such as: reciting the Amida together, reading the Torah portion out loud, crafts for children and grownups, Hebraic dance, how to blow a shofar, Biblical teachings, self sufficiency topics, biblical significance of the Mishkan, and much more.

During the last 12 years Posey has taught the following topics at Sukkot celebrations:

  • How to praise and worship with fabrics (flags, streamers, banners, billows and  canopies)
  • How to make praise and worship flags, streamers, banners and canopies
  • How to worship with interpretive movements (combining dance, mime, drama and ASL)
  • Learn how to knit
  • Using essential oils for First Aid and emergency situations
  • How to bake whole wheat Challah from fresh wheat berries
  • Hebraic dance
  • Prophetic movement for praise and worship

Even More Sukkot Celebration Ideas

There have also been hikes and family games and visits to local attractions. Lots of good food that you cook on a campfire or camp stove. Remembering to put the food away so wild animals don’t come and raid your campsite during the night. Using lemongrass, lavender, and peppermint oil to keep the ‘skeeters away.

Fun Things to Learn During Sukkot

Even if you stay at home it is a wonderful time to learn new things. You can use books, DVDs, or packaged learning kits. Some ideas include: tying knots, cooking in cast iron, cooking over a fire, how to make homemade soap, how to make homemade salves, how to sharpen and hon a knife, how to find wild edibles, learn to read or speak Hebrew, learn some traditional prayers in Hebrew, learn to knit or crochet, learn to can or store food, learn to identify poisonous plants in your area, build a composting bin set up, learn which plants you can grow in your garden during the fall and winter, begin to make a hand written copy of Torah, and so so much more.

What types of activities do you do for Sukkot?

Please share with us!

Every Blessing,

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