Wearing Sackcloth Tunic for Yom Kippurim Part 2

WOW, talk about Affliction!!! Avi and I both wore our garments of affliction for Yom Kippurim this year and it was quite an experience. If someone would have told me 2 years ago, that I would wear a sackcloth tunic for a whole 24 hours for Yom Kippurim, I would have told them they were [Read On]

Making A Sackcloth Tunic for Yom Kippurim Part 1

This year (2011) we are going to do something different to observe and celebrate the Biblical Feast of Yom Kippurim. We are not going to put on white linen as usual this year. Instead I am going to be making a sackcloth tunic, as a Garment of Affliction, and we will wear them for 24 [Read On]