Health Boosting Citrus Trees to Grow In Containers

Citrus fruits are loaded with antioxidants and health boosting properties. Have you wondered which varieties grow best in containers and provide healthful benefits too? Well look no farther, we have listed some of the health benefits you can receive and which varieties to grow year round in containers. Read on to learn more about the [Read On]

Clothing Moths How to Naturally Repel Them

With Summer here, it is time to put away our winter woolen clothing. However I need to put them into storage properly so that when I take them out next Fall, I won’t find damage from clothing moths. This article will tell you how to store wool clothing & naturally repel the dreaded clothing moths. [Read On]

Top 7 Natural Mosquito Repellent Tips

Well summer is here and that means biting mosquitoes. In this article, we share the Top 7 Natural Mosquito Repellent Tips. Mosquitoes come in a variety of sizes and scientists have already identified more than 3,500 species.  Some species of mosquitoes carry sickness and disease but not all varieties. Only the female insect bites and [Read On]

Simple Tips to Help You Get Prepared

Hurricane Irene, a vivid reminder to many people why preparedness is important. Would you be prepared to live through a time that you had no electricity for weeks or even a month with no ability to purchase food or get drinkable water? Several years ago Adonai reminded us of the scripture about the ant who [Read On]

Our Sukkot 2011 Experiences

The Remnant Mama’s Posey Salem and Nitza Moshe, discuss some of the Salem’s Sukkot experiences at the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) celebration in 2011. The following information corresponds to items that were discussed during two of the Remnant Mama Radio broadcasts. The audio for these broadcasts has not been uploaded yet but we hope to [Read On]

National Brand Essential Oils?

Question — Why are the essential oils you offer any better than the national brands I see at health food stores or available at other online businesses? Answer — our essential oils are produced by Remnant Remedy a company with a high standard of integrity. They are committed to providing only the highest quality 100% pure therapeutic/medicinal [Read On]

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are aromatic liquids that are part of the makeup of living plants. These precious oils are extracted from various parts of the plants including: blossoms, seeds, fruit, leaves, stems, bark and roots. One Hundred percent pure, therapeutic grade essential oils contain the all naturally occurring constitutes that were in the plant originally, giving [Read On]

Essential Oils for Cystitis and UT Infections

Pure therapeutic grade essential oils can be used to help relieve the pain, discomfort and symptoms of cystitis and urinary tract infections. The easiest way to use them is in a warm soaking bath.   Cystitis Bath Salts for Soaking     What you will need: 1/2 cup of Dead Sea Salts or Epsom Salts [Read On]