Tea Tree: Melaleuca Essential Oil Uses

TEA TREE (Melaleuca alternifolia): This vigorous evergreen tree is native to Australia and the Bundjalung Aborigines have known how to access and use the essential oil from it for thousands of years. Tea Tree essential oil uses are many and some consider it a powerhouse essential oil. It is a small tree or shrub with [Read On]

Bug Free Essential Oil Blend

When warm weather arrives, so do the annoying insects. Bug Free essential oil blend has a pleasant aroma and powerful 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils to help keep you Bug Free! New information added: Keep reading to learn  an easy way to make an insect repellent spray. This synergistic blend was formulated to assist [Read On]

Top 7 Natural Mosquito Repellent Tips

Well summer is here and that means biting mosquitoes. In this article, we share the Top 7 Natural Mosquito Repellent Tips. Mosquitoes come in a variety of sizes and scientists have already identified more than 3,500 species.  Some species of mosquitoes carry sickness and disease but not all varieties. Only the female insect bites and [Read On]

Purify Essential Oil Blend

Purify Essential Oil Blend Lemongrass is one of the ingredients in this synergistic blend. It is a fast growing, tall, aromatic perennial grass that grows up to 4 feet in height. Traditional Indian medicine has used Lemongrass Essential Oil to treat infectious illness and fever. Formulated to neutralize bacteria and mold and especially for DIFFUSING [Read On]

Peppermint Essential Oil

(Mentha piperita) USA First Distillation Peppermint essential oil comes from the peppermint herb plant, which belongs to the large family of mints and is the most pungent of all the mint varieties. Peppermint essential oil is loved by most people for its delightfully fresh cooling taste and its crisp, clean, menthol aroma with a hint [Read On]

Ways to Use Cedarwood Essential Oil

I love Remnant Remedy Cedarwood pure essential oil. The fragrance is soft, woodsy and relaxing. It definitely helps me to relax and be calm when things are making me anxious, upset or depressed. Diffusing this oil will help you to be calm and relaxed too. Just imagine the wonderful fragrance that emanated from Solomon’s Temple. [Read On]

Lavender Essential Oil – Like France in a Bottle!

The smell of fresh Lavender blossoms is wonderful. I love to rub my hands along the stems and blossoms and transfer some of the essential oil from the plant to my hands. Then I just hold my hands to my face and inhale slowly. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh you can almost feel the stress and tension begin to [Read On]