Remnant Radio Show Notes 3-14-2013

Broadcast Notes for the Remnant Radio Show Episode 37: Preparing for Pesach and Feast of Unleavened Bread 3-14-2013 with host Posey Salem In this broadcast we talked about the following topics and you can follow these links for more information about each one: This is the start of a new Biblical year and so we [Read On]

Crispy Matzah Brie & Herb Dip Recipe

Matzo Brie can be made so many ways and every Jewish family seems to have their favorites. Some use more egg and milk and become like an omelet and others are thinner and crispy. This recipe is the crispy version and to me they should be like crackers that can be dipped in the the [Read On]

Roasted Leg of Lamb Recipe

Delicious recipe for Roasted Leg of Lamb, just in time for Passover! Larding is an Old World technique that adds flavor and helps to tenderize meat. Traditionally pieces of animal fat (usually pork) were used as “lardons” and inserted into the meat with a larding needle. Over the years this technique has come to include [Read On]

Decorate Your Home For the FEASTs

There are seven Biblical Feasts and two historical holidays (Chanukkah and Purim) throughout the year and we like to do a ‘little’ decorating for each one. This helps to set the Feast times and holidays apart and make them special. There is a Jewish custom, Hiddur Mitzvah which means, the the beautification of a mitzvah [Read On]