New Video Added – Carly and the Cardinal

Hi, I added a new video to our website, entitled ~ Carly and the Cardinal. It’s about a crazy male cardinal that bangs on our windows and taunts both of our cats, especially Miss Carly. Check it out for a smile Carly and the Cardinal

Carly and the Cardinal

We have had a crazy male cardinal banging ALL of our windows and doors for two weeks from sun up to sun down…every single day! He taunts our kitty Miss Carly…See for your self.

Our First Chicken Adventure

The story about our first chicken flock adventure was originally posted to the Backyard Chickens website on Posey’s page. This adventure has lots of twists, turns, ups and downs but through them all we persist and are lov’n our chicks. To listen to Posey share this story with additional content that recently aired on the [Read On]