Magnesium Widens Blood Vessels

This article contains beneficial information about Magnesium and the health benefits that we can receive from consuming foods and supplements that contain this vital mineral. This is a complete reprint of Keith Chambers article that can be found here. by Dr. Keith Chambers, NMD, MBA, MA Dr. Keith Chambers is medical director of Chambers Clinic in Scottsdale, [Read On]

Help for Insomnia

Many people have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, especially as we grow older. This article is beneficial for both men and women but addresses issues for women who are going through Menopause or who are Post-Menopausal. However, much of the information can also be applied to men and women of all ages.     [Read On]

More Help to Beat Brain Fog

I’ve been talking about natural ways to Beat Brain Fog and this is Part 2 of a two part teaching on that subject.  The photo on the left is an image of a healthy active brain neuron communicating important information that our body needs. There are many simple things that we can do to help [Read On]

Symptoms of Brain Fog

Brain Fog is becoming more prevalent and wide spread all over America. What is Brain Fog? This two word phrase is not a medical term, however, it is a “catch phrase” or “umbrella term” that is given to a wide number of symptoms. There are a number of contributing factors or causes that can be [Read On]

Natural Help for Cystitis – Urinary Tract Infection

Are you looking for a natural and alternative approach to treating Cystitis or Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)? Well hope is here, so read on…   Those who have experienced a urinary tract infection, know how painful it can be.   In fact I would describe the ones I’ve had in the past as “so painful [Read On]