Yom Teruah Thoughts

We came across this article and found it to be very interesting. Avram shares many interesting thoughts about what scripture has to say concerning Yom Teruah. He also shares some ideas contrary to many popular Messianic and Torah opinions. We don’t necessarily agree or endorse everything that he has written but we believe it is [Read On]

How to Clean a Shofar Horn

There is a lot information on the internet, that tells us on how to care for and how to clean a shofar horn – some good, some not so good. After sorting through this information and consulting with experts, the following are our best suggestions. How to Store a Shofar Store out of direct sunlight [Read On]

Sounding of the Shofar – Part Two

We want to give you a quick review from yesterday’s broadcast. The shofar is an ancient wind instrument made from the horn of a clean animal – originally made from the horn of a Ram. Today, many of the shofars are being made from other ‘clean’ animals. The most familiar one is from the antelope [Read On]