Teshuvah Cause Us to Return

Remnant Mama LIVE Radio Show ~ Cause Us to Return

Aired 8.23.201

This episode of the Remnant Mama Show was recorded LIVE and Posey’s guest was Brian Robertson of Toby’s Place.

Together they share about our need to return to Yahweh’s set apart ways, to have a repentant heart and what that means Biblically.

Brian who is a S emetic Language scholar shares insights from Scripture about the Hebrew word Hashiveinu (Ha-shi-vei-nu) which means “Cause us to return.” Posey and Brian talk about the Hebrew word Teshuvah which means “return” “repent”.

This program is perfect to help you prepare spiritually for The Season of Repentance and the Fall Feasts of the Lord, Yom Teruah and Yom Kippurim.


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