The Smallest Lamb Roast On Earth

Last year we made the smallest lamb roast on earth and here is why. I am a wife and mom and I think BIG. Well what I mean is I think BIG when it comes to cooking meals. I like to make extra so that we can enjoy the work of our hands for several days – Passover was no exception. For years I would buy the largest leg of lamb that I could find until last year. We were reading the Scriptures about the Exodus event and the Passover verses several weeks before the beginning of the New Biblical Year. Living in exile here in America, we are not able to observe Pesach as Scripture outlines. In fact no one else on planet Earth can do it correctly either, for a number of reasons. There is no Temple and no ritual sacrifice, we are unable to slaughter a lamb and roast it all as outlined in Exodus, my family can not travel to Yisrael to observe this pilgrimage Feast, etc. But we all should try to do the best that we can – where ever we are. These are rehearsals and we continue to practice and rehearse each time the Feast comes around again.  As we were reading I realized that our observance could be tweaked some and that one of the things that we could do to be more observant was to only cook what we could eat that evening. Then we should burn the remainder of the lamb roast in a fire. What a concept! That reminded us of friends that we have that do this very thing every year. Avi and I decided to do this very thing for Pesach 2011.

We purchased our lamb at the Fresh Market and it was the smallest one they had. Even at that it was too big for just two people to consume in one sitting. So we asked the butcher to bone it and to give us the bone. Here is the roast being prepared for the oven. I cut small slits in the meat and stuff them with raw cloves of garlic and fresh rosemary sprigs. Because the roast was boneless I tied it together with kitchen twine. To give you an idea of how small the roast actually was, the paring knife in the photo is 7 inches long. the roast was about 5 inches long!!! Like I said the smallest lamb roast on earth. 🙂


Before Passover began, Avi my husband, built a camp fire outside and it was burning while we were eating the Passover meal.

Once we finished eating, we took the roasted shank bone and all of the left over roast outside and put it all in the fire.

We stood there watching it burn and praising Yahweh for the opportunity to worship Him at His appointed times.

We prayed and gave thanks and praised Him for all of the good and wonderful things that He has done for us and given to us.





What a blessing to walk in obedience to His Torah in those things and ways that we can. It felt good to let go of the old ways of cooking the biggest leg of lamb just so I could have left overs and make a sacrifice so that we could align ourselves a little more closely with what His word says.

We will do it again this year and we will REJOICE!!!




Have a Blessed Pesach!

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  1. Boy,
    I have never ever heard of a roasted lamb that small! 5 inches long is so very short. That is most certainly small.


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