Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: Why So Important?

Why do aromatherapists and people who use essential oils for health and well-being make such a fuss about using oils that are “therapeutic grade”?

NOT all essential oils, even many brands that can be purchased in health food stores, are what is known as therapeutic/medicinal grade oils. Less than 10% of the essential oils sold in the United States are therapeutic grade.

Most of the products labeled as essential oil are produced for the food or fragrance industry and have been enhanced, or adulterated with synthetic or chemical substances, or have had additional flavorings  and or fragrances added to them.

Still, others have been processed using chemicals and solvents which still remain after the processing has been completed.

Unfortunately, these chemicals and solvents or synthetic additions or extenders can cause allergic reactions, undesirable side effects, and skin problems in some individuals in addition to being devoid of any therapeutic/healing effect. Most do not possess the ability to bring about emotional, physical, mental health or well-being the way therapeutic grade essential oils can.

Poor Imitations

The medicinal and pharmaceutical industries have attempted to isolate and duplicate the active chemical constituents and healing properties of essential oils. Unfortunately, the products that they have produced are only poor imitations lacking the intelligence, life-force, and complex healing properties that natural therapeutic grade essential oils contain. These synthetic medicinal products seem to alleviate symptoms. However, in many cases they are unable to bring about actual healing. They often cause undesired side-effects to the user which has sometimes resulted in death.

Unfortunately, the agencies that many trust to protect them are actually allowing these products on the market without the comprehensive testing they required years ago.  This results with many new drugs and pharmaceutical products coming on to the market only to be recalled because of serious side effects and fatalities.

Therapeutic Grade
So what does Therapeutic grade mean? Therapeutic Grade is defined as an essential oil which is pure, unadulterated, without synthetics added or other inferior grades of oil mixed in and is distilled in proper containers that will not contaminate the oil or its strong, powerful and effective constituents. It means: the essential oil is the pure unadulterated plant essence, processed in a manner that properly maintains the vast majority of naturally occurring chemical constituents of the plant.

Remnant Remedy essential oils and blends are 100% pure essential oil and they are the therapeutic grade! This is the only brand of essential oil that we trust, use, recommend and sell.

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