Tips To Stay Warm During Winter

cup of teaHere are seven tips to help you stay warm during those cold winter days and nights and save some money too.

Drink Hot Tea – I am not a tea drinker as a matter of routine but I learned that drinking hot tea when you are cold is a great way to raise your body temperature and it is enjoyable to feel that warm liquid going down your throat. While in South Africa, I drank lots of tea – all throughout the day. I drank it just to stay warm. I also learned the hard way that I can’t drink caffeinated tea all day long and expect to sleep at night, so now I drink caffeinated tea in the morning and herbal tea the rest of the day.

Eat Spicy Food – science proves that when we eat hot spicy food that includes hot peppers our body temperature rises and we feel warmer.

Use a Hot Water Bottle – this is another tip I learned while in South Africa. When I was staying with an acquaintance in her home, just before bed she asked me, “One or Two?” I didn’t know what she was talking about and so I hesitated. She responded with, “Oh that’s right you’re from the States. I’ll get YOU three.” Then she left the room. I climbed into bed and heaved the heavy blankets up and over me. I seriously think that the pile of blankets was 10 inches thick and they weighed so much that it was very difficult to turn while in the bed. My hostess returned about 15 minutes later with three hot water bottles. She tucked two down at my feet and gave me the last one to hug close to my body. No doubt about it, I was warm. I have done this myself many times over. You can also place a hot water bottle on your lap while working at your desk or on the computer. The heat that it generates helps to keep you warm while we sit and are stationary. A heating pad works too and so do those electric warming blankets that are afghan size.

Move Around Periodically – I discovered that I get really cold when I am stationary for several hours, while working at my desk. I also get stiff now that I am older, hee hee. It is so much better for us to get up and move around periodically. Now I get up from my desk/computer work every hour and walk around the house. Sometimes I walk outside and check on my chickens and collect their beautiful eggs.

Take a Hot Bath – this works to help warm our bodies up and to relax us at the same time.

Dress to Stay Warm – when I was younger, I would just turn the thermostat up higher. Now I just put more clothes on. During the winter I wear thermal underwear under my clothes. I have several sets of Cuddle Duds, one in black, one in white, and one in a denim color. They do help to keep me warmer. I also put a wool sweater on, a wool hat, soft scarf around my neck and fingerless gloves on my hands. All things I learned while staying in South Africa and Australia during the winter. Many people in other countries (and some in the United States) don’t have central heat or can’t afford to spend huge amounts of money on high heating bills. So dressing warm is essential and saves money too.

Cuddle With Someone You Love – of course snuggling up to someone you love, whether it is a spouse, child, or peKitty on Lapt can help us to stay warm and it is comforting too. That’s where they got the idea for the phrase 3 dog night. Depending on the coldness of the night-time temperature, shepherds would snuggle with their dogs. On really cold nights they wanted 3 or more dogs to sleep up against them.

What do you do to help you stay warm during those cold winter temperatures? Please share with us.

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