Torah and the Word of God

We want to share a few of our thoughts about Torah and the Word of God who we acknowledge as YHWH or Yahweh.

The word TORAH can mean:

  • the 1st five books of Moshe
  • the whole Old Testament
  • the whole Bible
  • instructions and teachings

– Torah is both law (instructions) and revelation

– Torah is a rule of conduct by which we are held accountable by YHWH

– It is YHWH’s standard of righteousness and holiness (holiness in Hebrew means ‘set apartness’)

– It is the expression of Elohim (God) in human terms

– It is YHWH disclosing himself to the world

– The word Law in Greek is nomos that same word in Hebrew is torah.   The Hebrew word torah is Strongs #8451 and it comes from #3384 yaw-raw, which, means to flow as water, i.e. to rain, also to lay or throw especially an arrow, i.e. to shoot  – yaw-raw is an archery term.

– It also means to point out, as if by aiming the finger, to teach, to HIT the MARK!

Torah and the Word of God – Yahweh

Psalm 119:89 

“…Forever Your word stands firm…” YHWH did not abolish the Torah, not even after Yahshua (Jesus) died and rose again.

Psalm 19:7  

The word perfect in this verse is  Mimt temim in Hebrew, which means whole, complete, lacking nothing, without spot, integrity, truth, etc.

John 1:1

“In the beginning was the Word, the word was with Elohim and the word was Elohim”

John 17:17 

“Thy word is truth”

Rom 7:12

“Torah is set apart and the command is set apart and righteous and good”

1 John 3:4, 21, 22, 24 

Doing sin is doing lawlessness (lawlessness = torahlessness)

Romans 10:4 

“Messiah is the end of the law.”  The word end in Greek is telos and it implies arrival at a goal (telephone, tv, etc.) In other words, Messiah is the destination (goal) at which the journey of Torah arrives

Matt 5:17  

Yahshua’s words, “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill”. He came to complete and accomplish them, not to render them finished and no longer needed.

John 15:10

Yahshua kept the commandments – all of them

James 1:22-25 

James tells us that, “Torah is Perfect”

John 14:15-21

Tells us that Yahshua dwells in us – therefore there is a Torah observant Jewish guy dwelling within us

2 Cor. 3:14

Tells us that once we are in Messiah, the veil is removed. The Torah remains but the veil concealing Messiah within it is removed.

Ahavah & Shalom,

Avi & Posey

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