Understand and Celebrate Purim

Queen HadassahPurim is just around the corner and I’ve put together a variety of resources to help you understand and celebrate Purim.  What is Purim? It is a Hebrew word that is pronounced “pur-eem” and it comes from a Persian word for lots, as in casting lots. This is the Jewish holiday that remembers (zachar) and celebrates the Biblical account of the life of Queen Hadassah or Esther.  The Hebrew name Hadassah means Myrtle and that would be an interesting Bible study to do during this Feast of Remembrance.

There are many themes that we could bring out that pertain to this holiday but one of the most obvious is celebrating our deliverance. The Hebrews 4 Christians website has an in-depth article about this special festival with information to help you understand some of the themes of Purim and ways to observe it.

Another interesting article that makes a connection between Yom Kippurim and Purim can be found here.

What is Purim – Animated

Watch this interesting video to get a quick over-view of the Biblical story of about Queen Hadassah (Esther.)

I think it would be an interesting activity to make a list of all the “take aways” that we can glean from this historical event. I share my very short list below under stepping up but I would add many other things, to that list. How many can you come up with? If you make a list, please email me and share it or post it in the comments below. 🙂

Hadassah Essential Oil – Great Anytime but Especially during Purim!       

These Biblical SHeMeN have been found to repair DNA and have been used since Ancient times. Many were used as part of the purification rituals of Hadassah, the Jewish young women, as she prepared to become Queen Esther.

Used for Skin care, deep sleep (stimulates release of melatonin), supports female reproduction and endocrine system and urinary tract infections.  May assist as an anti-depressant, sedative (nerves.) Assists and balances any skin type or condition (dry, aged, cracked, chapped), increases water retention of collagen, increases capillary circulation, connective tissue and dermis are strengthened and moisturized, benefits for psoriasis and eczema. Beneficial for decongesting the lymph system and assists depression, insomnia, stress and nervous tension. Click here to learn more about Hadassah essential oil blend.

Stepping UP, more What is Purim thoughts

A powerful message of:

  • Faith in Yahweh
  • His protection
  • His divine plan for our life
  • Being who He created us to be
  • Seeing the potential that others see in us
  • Taking risks to grow and to help others
  • Making a difference in the lives of those that He has put around us
  • Walking in the destiny that He gives to each of us

Courtesy of Aish.com

Purim in Legos

Courtesy of Aish.com

Hamantashen Cookies


Hamantashen Cookies

Triangle shaped cookies filled with minced prunes or apricots are traditionally eaten during this Feast of Remembrance. A search on the internet will yield many many recipes for you to try. Why are these cookies traditional to eat? Here’s a link so you can find out too.


Bible Belt Balabusta Ideas

One of the blogs I follow is by Joanna Brichetto. This creative Jewish mom is a treasure trove of GREAT ideas for celebrating the Feasts and Holidays with children!!! Here is a link to her Purim craft idea for little ones. She is adding new Purim ideas every few days leading up to Purim.

More Resources for Purim

Aish – Jewish teaching, family and children’s activities, songs, videos and more.

Just Google Purim or Messianic Purim to get even more ideas!

Link to the LAMB radio show where Nitza and I share ideas for celebrating Purim.

I hope you can now answer the question, What is Purim?

Have a blessed Purim celebration.


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